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Newport, Rhode Island Massage Services.

Therapeutic Cascading Massage

50 Minutes · $130 / 80 Minutes · $170

The combination of techniques used during this full body massage satisfies a variety of individual needs. Deeper pressure relieves tight muscle groups while Swedish techniques are incorporated for full relaxation. During a customized treatment developed especially for you, our massage therapists will utilize their methods and apply them to the relevant body parts. This treatment is perfect for ensuring that all your needs are met.

Marine Escape Massage

50 Minutes · $125 / 80 Minutes · $160

A relaxing experience with long comforting strokes of light to medium pressure, this full-body massage improves circulation, eases muscle tension for ultra-relaxation and is ideal for first-time spa guests.

Deep Muscle Massage

50 Minutes · $135 / 80 Minutes · $175

Rev up your physical strength. The physically active person thrives on this deep tissue pressure massage that targets specific muscle groups to release tension, improve flexibility and enhance physical performance. Combined with a range of motion, this deeply moving experience promotes healing.

Warm River Stone Massage

50 Minutes · $130 / 80 Minutes · $170

This relaxing full body massage utilizes smooth riverbed basalt stones and warm oil for a profoundly calming and unique experience. The combination of hand and stone massage, heated stone placement and pressure opens the pathways and improves circulation. Detoxification is increased, encouraging a healing response deep within the body’s system.


50 Minutes · $130

It’s your time to be babied. Specialty cushions and pillows ensure the genuine care and comfort of you and your baby. Swedish techniques relieve lower and middle back tension as well as neck and shoulders strain. This is a perfect treatment for the expecting mother. Must be out of the first trimester.

Cliff Walk Foot Ritual

50 Minutes · $125

Your tired, dry and aching feet will thank you. This relaxing yet energizing treatment will increase circulation, open energy pathways and eliminate toxins with a rich sugar scrub. Stone therapy, thumb walking and reflexology techniques are combined to offer both relaxation and stimulation, alleviating the heaviness and ache from the lower leg and foot areas. Our healing products will leave your feet in a state of bliss.

Back, Neck And Shoulder

25 Minutes · $75

Eliminate the stress and tension caused by everyday life. Banish the effects of travel, heavy suitcases, time differences, recycled air and uncomfortable seating. This service will clear your head, relieve your neck and shoulders and immerse your upper body in total relaxation. Medium pressure massage.

Massage Enhancements


  • Aromatherapy
  • Himalayan Salt Stones
  • Moroccan Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Mask
  • Moroccan Oil Scalp Massage
  • Anti-Aging Hand or Foot Mask


Reiki Massage

25 Minutes ∙ $75 / 50 Minutes ∙ $125 / 80 Minutes ∙ $165

This massage is designed to stimulate the body’s natural healing process through the transference of universal energy. Using hand positions in alliance with your body’s meridian energy lines and chakras, this experience will leave you feeling calm and spiritually connected.

Thai Table Massage

50 Minutes ∙ $125 / 80 Minutes ∙ $165

This full-body experience involves deep stretching, palming and thumbing pressure along your body’s energy lines. Your body will be gently guided into different positions designed to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension, and restore the energy flow throughout your entire body. Please bring loose, comfortable clothing to be worn during this massage.

Heaven To Earth

50 Minutes ∙ $125

From your head down to your toes, this chakra-balancing treatment will leave you feeling stress free and light on your feet again. Your personalized therapist begins your session with a face, scalp, neck and shoulder massage, moves to your hands and arms to relieve tension, and finishes with a foot retreat massage. This specialized service uses Himalayan Salt Stones to help rebalance your central nervous system, reduce inflammation, and improve sleep for an all-over sense of well-being.

Lomi Lomi Massage

50 Minutes ∙ $125 / 80 Minutes ∙ $165

A unique healing art originating in Hawaii, this massage connects the heart, mind, body and soul. Palms, forearms and elbows are used to apply deep, rhythmic pressure creating a profound state of relaxation. This experience is designed to increase circulation and create a sense of overall well-being.

Couples Massage

Starting At $270

Any massage can be done in our couples rooms. We offer 50 and 80 minute treatments. Please ask our spa concierge for more details on our couples services.

*Specialty Massages are offered certain days of the week. Please call to confirm days and times.