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Body Treatments, Scrubs & Wraps – Newport, RI.

Noni and Lavender Body Wrap

80 Minutes · $170

Detox and firm your skin with the power of Noni. This relaxing treatment begins with a nourishing Papaya Pineapple Scrub followed by a slimming Noni wrap. Finished with a relaxing lavender full body massage, this treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and your skin sleek and smooth.

Cinnamon Vanilla and Brown Sugar Body Polish

50 Minutes · $130

Lose yourself in the calming combination of cinnamon and vanilla. This full body scrub uses our deeply moisturizing Cinnamon Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub to exfoliate the skin. Finished off with a vanilla scented body lotion application, your friends and family will envy how amazing your skin looks, feels and smells.

Espresso Limon Slimming Body Wrap

50 Minutes · $130

This luxurious experience begins with an invigorating dry body brushing to stimulate lymphatic drainage. Your body is then covered in our slimming Espresso Limon Oil and then wrapped to lock in the purifying and toning properties. Ending with a relaxing face and scalp massage, this treatment will leave your skin feeling toned and refreshed.

Citrus Surrender Body Glow

50 Minutes · $130

This indulgent body scrub combines the citric aromas of Sweet Mandarin and Orange Blossom, leaving your senses rejuvenated. Our Sweet Mandarin Walnut body polish will buff away any surface skin impurities. Followed by an application of our Orange Blossom body lotion, you will be lost in the sweet citrus aroma for the rest of the day.

Ocean Dreams Body Scrub, Massage and Wrap

80 Minutes · $170

Transcend into a state of pure bliss with an all-over body experience created to soften, soothe, and relax your body and mind. Dive into a body scrub that renews the skin, float away with a lavish massage and end in a comforting cocoon that creates the ultimate full-body indulgence. Your sanctuary awaits.

Bayside Island Scrub

50 Minutes · $130

This extraordinary body treatment utilizes coconut essential oils with a pure sugar cane scrub to buff away dead skin cells, cleanse pores, and restore your skin to a fresh, healthy glow. This body-polishing treatment enhances your skin’s own natural rejuvenation process. A super moisturizing cream will instantly revive dry skin.

Sand Castle Salt Scrub

50 Minutes · $130

Rich in marine salts, this sea salt exfoliation removes impurities and prepares skin for a deep cleansing. It eliminates dead skin cells, increases circulation, and detoxifies the body. A deep moisturizer is applied all over the entire body, leaving your skin soft and supple.

Heated Aromatherapy Wrap

50 Minutes · $130

An intense, detoxifying body wrap uses heated towels to rid the body of toxins. The treatment begins with a dry skin brushing to stimulate circulation, the transitions into a full-body massage using aromatherapy oils. Your body is then covered with steamed, scented towels and wrapped snuggly into a warm blanket. Heavy perspiration releases toxins trapped beneath the skin and leaves you feeling healthy and refreshed.

Hydro Therapy Body Treatments

Nourish Yourself Body Scrub

50 Minutes ∙ $130

Awaken your skin cells with this invigorating raw sugar cane scrub. Our anti-aging botanical blend is enriched with Guava fruit to tighten and tone the skin while hydrating, nourishing and leaving your skin shimmering with a healthy glow!

Anti-Aging Guava Scrub and Body Wrap

80 Minutes ∙ $170

Rebalance the connection between your mind, body, and spirit with this centering body treatment. Sugar cane and pure essential oils are used for a full-body exfoliation to refresh and invigorate your body’s skin. This is followed by an anti-aging body masque that is high in vitamin C, which boosts collagen production. Then you are cocooned into a warm body wrap. Finish with a wash in warm water and a customized massage. This experience leaves you feeling calm and centered.

Slim Down Detox Wrap

50 Minutes ∙ $130

Treat yourself; your skin deserves it! This detoxifying wrap utilizes pure Bladderwrack Seaweed harvested from the ocean, rich in minerals and nutrients. This seaweed naturally absorbs toxins and stimulates circulation, promoting softer, healthier looking skin. A warm essential oil application seals in the nutrients, restoring the skin’s vitality and enhancing your natural glow.